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lindsey graham who told "roll call" that the world is literally about to blow up. i wish it had been on camera. i can't help but wonder what it must have sounded like when lindsey graham said that. how would that sound if lindsey graham would say hello governor -- no that won't be it. the world is literally about to blow up. no new york city. hey what are you gonna do the world -- no, no, not it. i, senator graham do believe -- i do declare that this vessel which we inhabit is about to just explode and me just here all along in my sitting room surrounded by sweet tea and just my figurines. [ laughter ] i didn't take graham seriously, you know, that the world is about to blow up. you know how excitable southerners can get -- [laughter] -- until i saw this. >> the metropolitan atlanta area largely paralyzed. >> pregnant women and children trapped on the roads. >> children left to spend the night in their schools. >> an abandoned car purgatory. >> like the zombie apocalypse. >> the walking dead. >> jon: lord have mercy, lindsey graham was right. he was right. i have always depended on t
, lindsey graham, who can be sane calls the president's comments on fox on benghazi the lie of the year, although it isn't. james imhoff, the senator from oklahoma says it's the greatest cover-up in history. and he didn't even see the interview. he goes to great lengths to trash the president. i guess it's safe to do it down in the patch. >>> plus, is hillary clinton repeating mistakes she made in 2008? she hasn't even begun to make mistakes. how can she be accused of making mistakes? that's what some obama folks are saying. i don't buy this. i don't think she has done anything wrong yet. it's all in the record. >>> and it was 49 years ago that bob dylan was booed by purists for playing electric guitar. now the purists are booing again, this time over a super bowl commercial. it's hard to beat bob dylan. this this is "hardball," the place for politics. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with th
's lindsey graham facing a primary fight in the south carolina being challenged because of his positive comments about secretary of state clinton and her record. here's a portion of that ad running against him. >> i think she is a good role model, one of the most effective secretaries of states, greatest ambassadors for the american people that i've known in my lifetime. secretary hillary clinton. >> isn't 20 years of lindsey graham in.washington enough? >> so here it comes, right? the state department record and proximity to the hillary clinton. >> that's so funny. i think what's really interesting about this though gets to something that the republicans should actually be worried about coming up in the midterms is that you know, they are in danger of having in their primary season ante up with candidates too far to the right even for the republicans. they need people more moderate if they're going to have any chance of taking the senate from the democrats in november. and so they will -- if they go too far to the right, if you start coming in, people like lindsey graham from the right
, lindsey graham in this next election. thank you. that will make a statement. we have gotten smart. and you have friends in the sisters inhers and different states are going to be coming and help you unseat senator graham. thank you. >> i would only quibble with one saying. the government doesn't pick winners and losers. expense losers at the of winners. it hasn't picked a winner yet, and the founding fathers did not make the federal government of venture capital firm. now, if we could get the $100 million that karl rove got last time and instead make it a buy in to washington dc, that would be productive. up next is a man i have interacted before with. he is an author. his name is trevor lowder. the enemies within. about thet talk enemies within? great to be here. look, it's great to be back in south carolina, the state that produced jim demint, one of my great heroes. and a state that has produced the people that are about to unseat lindsey graham. it is a very, very worthy goal. i will just say, i have been touring the company -- country for three months. days. been here 90 if i stay for
has been in the news a fair amount. senator lindsey graham, south carolina senior senator, facing a number of primary challengers, underfunded, in that state. and hillary clinton has become somewhat of an attack line. take a listen. >> conservative republicans love hillary clinton. right? just ask lindsey graham. >> she's dedicated to her job. she loves her country. i think she is a good role model, one of the most effective secretary of states, greatest ambassadors for the american people that i've known in my lifetime. >> one of the graham ads there you just saw. what's the strategy here, matt? take me inside the strategy. what's the thinking of trying to connect lindsey graham to hillary clinton? >> well, look, senator graham is a strong candidate. you mentioned the war chest, his two terms in the u.s. senate. there's know doubt that candidates are trying their best to get traction nap's all this is. look, i'm the party chairman. i can't endorse in this race. try to keep one on the same page until the general election. but, you know, primary, and we look forward to a spirited o
challenged by candidates who are running to the right of the old guard. right now senator lindsey graham is facing five underfunded republican opponents in the south carolina primary, five. and one of those challengers, bill connor, an attorney and army veteran, just launched a new ad using graham's own words against him. >> conservative republicans love hillary clinton. right? just ask lindsey graham. >> she's dedicated to her job. she loves her country. i think she is a good role model. one of the most effective secretaries of state, greatest ambassadors for the american people that i've known in my lifetime. >> dd i mention these challengers are underfunded? still, eve an low-budget jab like that, could it pack enough punch to shake up the race? let's ask our panel, susan page and ryan lizza. susan, you pointed out at the end of that ad there's a grand hillary hug. >> watch out who you hug. there was a hug in 2009 that was a big factor in the senate primary against marco rubio. i think the only thing we can conclude -- >> dropped out. >> and then became a democrat. i think we're going
look amazing. ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪ >>> senator lindsey graham blasting susan rice on twitter. rice still sticking by the talking points she delivered on five different sunday morning shows in the days right after the benghazi attack when four americans were murdered in that attack. but the obama administration insisted it was all about a video. senator lindsey graham tweeting susan rice may be comfortable about the role she played in benghazi debacle but no one else outside of president obama's inner circle is. senator graham joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> what a very smart thing to have said if i say so myself. >> what is going on with this? i mean, at least -- i mean -- >> getting away with it. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says said this was the most regrettable incident of the time she was there susan rice acts like it's still fine. >> well, from her point of view, her job was to turn a terrorist attack into a protest because they are seven weeks from an election. all of the intelligence coming out of libya, from the station chief, the cia station c
to know that you are not alone. the nsa spying senator lindsey graham. [applause] he is probably listening now. have a song to dedication to senator lindsey ,raham, senator mcconnell representatives and speaker of the house john boehner, karl rove, and the republican establishment. i hope you like it. ♪ hey, hey, hey, goodbye na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye ♪ i thought you would like that. i have been amazed at the recent partyclared on the tea and tea party activists. i take you back to 2009. i member the first conference call we had to discuss the formation the tea party. we planned a tea party protest on february 27, 2009. i can tell you, we were just as upset at the direction of the republican party under karl rove and george w. bush. we found that out president bush and karl rove will not real conservatives. they gave us big government they gave us legislation like the prescription drug act. then they gave us tarp, which has started the furor. the tea party started boiling under karl rove. it did not start until obama. [applause] how many approve of the republican leadership in
connell, they're challenging the deputy republican leader, lindsey graham, a whole network of incumbents being challenged. >> so what you have here, and i think we referred to them as the kamikaze, they want a fight on every issue. they pushed for the shutdown, they want a big proceed tacttrat into the debt ceiling. and they have not wanted -- this is a fight over -- >> is there any substantive issue here? is there a real difference over policy, or is this just about how much you're willing to fight? >> no, this is all about tact s tactics. mitch mcconnell and ted cruz hold nearly identical positions on everything. they feel mitch mcconnell has hot gone out there and fought hard enough with them. so it's a concerted effort to topple him and a number of other guys and try to get more people like themselves who are willing for that fight in the future. >> is that a legitimate point that the leadership just hasn't fought hard enough? >> in a sense. the biggest problem is that president obama has sucked the political oxygen out of washington. there are a lot of long serving democrats in congress
the most alarming reaction came from senator lindsey graham who told "roll
assessment of the situation in syria. two of the members of the delegation, john mccain and lindsey graham, provided details of the meeting. jeffrey goldberg joins me now. jeffrey, thanks for joining us. what did graham and mccain tell you that secretary of state john kerry told them about syria? >> essentially, he made a case that the current policies are failing and the jihadist groups are talking about targeting the america homeland. there are a whole set of other issues. the slow rolling by the syrian regime of the removal of chemical weapons. a whole set of issues kerry, they said, feels like russia is subverting the chance for a peace settlement and so the clear impression that a number of people got was that kerry feels that it's time to sort of up the game, that the administration is going to have to get more engaged or this problem is going to get much worse, spin out of control even. >> kerry advocated for a much more muscular -- >> kerry has been one of the prime people, for instance, arming rebels over different periods of time. so this is not surprising. what is a little bit s
between a bikini and tank heeney -- tankini. walked heading, i into lindsey graham. i thought i am not doing the balance well. i think for a mother that is a senator or nurse trying to balance the hallway -- trying to balance the work and motherhood, you never do it perfectly. over on c-span two at 8:00 eastern, book tv with a look at the careers in washington. a look at political strategists and commentators. also, congressman keith ellison, first muslim member of congress. c-span3. looking at the clinton impeachment debate from the floor of the u.s. house. a description of prescription -- -- a discussion of prescription drug abuse. the of then and is moderated by an emergency room physician and cohost of the program for doctors. this is 40 minutes. >> please welcome to the stage, emergency room physician dr. travis stork and the mental health and prescription abuse prevention panel members. [applause] >> i am dr. travis stork for those of you who do not know me. a lot of people know me as the host of a television show and what a lot of people don't realize is that in my real life
lindsey graham described. >> at no point did he state what i think was quoted, that the process has failed. >> i think the stories you're referring to actually appear to be a reflection of what senators mccain and graham think of our syria policy, not what secretary kerry thinks. the policy we have in place is the policy we're approximate pursuing. >> what's really happening when it comes to syria? is it to test lawmaker's temperature when it comes to a more aggressive strategy? one piece of the puzzle was introduced last week by the director of national intelligence, james clapper. he was testifying before the senate and dropped this potential game-changing piece of intelligence into the record. >> in syria, what's going on there may be in some respects a new fatah for us. and what's going on there and the attraction of these foreign fighters is very, very worrisome. aspirationally, to name one, does have aspirations for attacks on the homeland. >> bottom line, is syria turning into a safe haven for afghanistan? that's sort of what clapper was beginning to hint at. i'm going to have more
in attendance. john mccain and lindsey graham hyde be sad that the us secretary of state made it to them that he no longer believes the obama administration's approach the crisis in syria is working and they say he talks about supporting a plan to arm them moderate opposition in syria according to the c two senators they say that i that plan would be aimed at blocking al qaeda affiliates in syria from the carrying out attacks on america now carry spokesperson did not say the race issue of supplying the weapons to the syrian opposition no quitting to tie the two centers have mentioned mr kerry also said that during the meeting that he believes the charlotte sides government is failing to uphold its promise to give up chemical weapons according to the schedule that's been caught out lying. noah however russia's deputy foreign minister recently said that syria is proceeding according to plan and that even this month the sa government plans on removing a large shipment of chemical substances and that process is set to be complete by march first. now while there have been some delays. moscow says we
too wide. lindsey graham has said, there has been a chilling effect from the health care law about getting high-profile projects past. >>> senators still can't reach a deal to help the long-term unemployed in this country. the latest attempt to extend emergency benefits failed. democrats fell one vote shy of the 60 needed. four republicans supported that plan, which would cost more than $6 billion and the cost would have been offset elsewhere. republicans still objected because they couldn't offer amendments. harry reid says it is clear, republicans just want to say no. >> we've given them everything they wanted, paid for it. no one could question that. they can't take yes for an answer. senator murray says, procedurally this and that is gobblely gook to the american people. >> 1.7 million americans have lost unemployment benefits since the start of the year. officials in two states say they are scrambling to invest major environment tol concerns. tons of toxic ash poured into the dan river. workers were rushing to repair that leak and to determine if the chemicals pose a health da
lost. and it's time for new energy and new faces. and that includes lindsey graham and kelly ayotte wearing out her welcome and they are going to deal with all of the challenges facing this country. >> and that is the issue, we have this that is diverse in the least. and we are trying to get this as well. and we have the republican party and the tea party is in a very critical part and they are not with us. and this is the tea party and because we are in america. and the fact is that john boehner was saved by the democratic caucus and the tea party, and i'm going to include in this it would've driven him right into the ditch. you disagree? >> we would have spent the next three weeks. >> what we are due as a part of it. and i do believe that it is a good thing. >> the tea party is too smart for that. when you look at the polls we look at the results and i have to tell you. >> both times we have gotten clobbered with the midterm. and they actually say this in 2010 and had the same opportunity and we had this nonsense that some of the folks in leadership are taking on. and you can talk
a bikini and a tankini. i said, get him on the phone right now. i walked head into lindsey graham and knocked him over practically. i said, i am not doing this balance very well. i think for any mother it doesn't matter if you're a senator or if you're a nurse trying to balance the family and the work, you never do it perfectly. and anyone that says that they do is wrong. >> american profile interviews with senators bob corker and amy klobuchar tuesday night starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, c-span radio and >> last month, jane little of the bbc talked about same-sex marriage. al qaeda's use of social media, and her own views about covering religious issues early in her career. this is held at the university of colorado in boulder. it's an hour and 15 minutes. >> hello, again. it's a real accomplish and a great privilege to be with you tonight and i'm grateful to professor stewart and the provost for inviting me to come here to share some of my experiences in covering religion and the ways in which i've seen the beat change, rise, fall, evolve over the last two
mccain and lindsey graham of this year and it said in a carrier for is the situation and said well what are your constituents think are your constituents supportive of a more robust policy on syria and of course here this is a great degree of selling the policy that the white house nee the congress need to do to educate us as to why it's important for the us for u s national interest to act on syria. now that said i think being able to up sell. i did spend the full support to the to the us radical groups to the moderate opposition is that much easier than it is to opt to sell us strikes or to another war and at least it is that you're absolutely right the us will not stand for christmas and i won't bring in one of the plant which is a very important one in this country that's the wrong. and of course this is something that us foreign policy makers have their eye on idol is there any appetite g cents. within the foreign policy community is this some kind of appetite of any calling for a grand bargain with iran that would come to among other things syria and hezbollah. it is a very appe
not understand the difference between a bikini and a tankini. on the phoneim right now and i walked into lindsey graham and i almost knocked him over. i am not doing this balance right now. if you are trying to balance the family in the work, you never do it perfectly and anyone who says they do is wrong. for me, having my husband there has been a great blessing and a help. >> i want to come back to that. biography, that lists the essay that you referred to. what is it about? >> on the dome stadium? ncovering the"u based it on a same analysis of how you look at things first on the macro level and that would be the world of pro sports and pro sports teams and the second part is how you get a bill done with the various special interest groups and everyone is fighting with each other and the weird alliances that take place in the case of the stadium to get it done. the third was implementation. i talked to all the people on the stadium commission who were charged with deciding where i would be located at the time, whether in minneapolis or lymington, minnesota, and they chose minneapolis and it was
in kansas, lindsey graham in south carolina. there's a whole network being challenged by the incumbents particularly by these conservative groups. >> what you have here, paul, i think we refer to them as the cam qazi caucus in the senate. these are the guys that want to find on every issue. they wanted a big protracted fight on the debt ceiling and they want them to run into the obama bayonets. they have not wanted to do that. this is a fight over tactics and what they're doing is -- >> kim, is there any substantive issue here? i mean is there a real difference over policy, or is this just about how much you're willing to fight? >> no. this is all about tactics. mitch mccobble and ted cruz hold nearly identical positions on everything, debt to obama care to everything else. this is a fact they feel mitch mcconnell has gone out there. it's a concerted effort to topple him and a number of other guys and get more people like themselves who would be willing for that fight in the future. >> dan, is that a legitimate point that the leadership just hasn't fought hard enough? >> in a sense. loo
the same thing? lindsey graham says they do not, not even close. your argument is that the president is trying to have it both wayed, he did not see it as a terrorist attack. >> i'm telling the public the president misled the nation about what happened in benghazi. last year he got the lie of the year award for saying if you like your health care, you can keep it. hayes going to have back-to-back titles. how do you reconcile what susan rice told the nation on 16 september, the spokesman for the administration, when she said there was no terrorist attack, no al qaeda involvement. this was protest caused by video and she told the nation there was no terrorist attack no al qaeda involvement, when in fact there was, and the president himself started talking pat about a protest caused by video, because if the truth had been known seven weeks before the inspection that is was an al qaeda terrorist attack, his reelection was at risk. they manipulated the facts to gets re-elected, and the reason benghazi doesn't go away, it's not a fox news story. it's not a republican story. it's an america
with with being played by people like lindsey graham, mitch mcconnell? do they think american people can't read plain english and what the cbo report actually says which is totally different from what the republicans are pretending it says? when do we get sick of that nonsense? >> the continual statement, we are talking about it here off camera. the continual statement that gets you where you want to go in politics is simply always being against the president. somebody says the president ought to be executed you say he is an outlaw. anything nasty and the president screwing the economy and anything nasty about this guy has become the main course of the republican party. you can't put your hand up like john mccain did and said he is a good man when the woman said he is an arab not that that is a bad thing but she meant it as a bad thing. he said he is an american. we disagree on policy but he is not the devil? >> even shaking the president's hand or not being rude to him on the tarmac can be the kiss of death for republican politician. it is worse with the cbo report in a sense because republica
president obama for more answers about the benghazi terror attacks. lindsey graham, john mccain and kelly ayotte are requesting responses to questions raised in the president's interview with bill o'reilly prior to the super bowl. a surprising move today by the speaker of the house. john boehner apparently pulling the plug on immigration reform for the rest of this year. correspondent doug mcelway tells us why. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner signalled time-out in the gop's willingness to pass immigration reform. >> there's widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws, and it's going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes. >> reporter: a senior gop aide put it more starkly telling fox news the gop is going to, tap the brakes on immigration reform but added it's not yet dead. republicans looked past the president's homage to immigrants at today's national prayer breakfast. >> for immigrants who want to step out of the shadows. >> reporter: focusing instead on his pledge to act unilaterally. i've got a pen and
connell's primary. lindsey graham's primary. another case in point, the georgia senate seat primary. >> talk about alaska, talk about north carolina, arkansas, louisiana. shall i go on? >> there is no primary there. >> the last midterm, the republican party in some key states fielded some tea party candidates that almost immediately when they opened their mouths turned off voters. >> when you had one candidate, i believe from missouri that said there is legitimate rape, okay, we do have challenges. >> delaware, nevada. my goodness. >> but we have obama care. in 2010 republicans won the house by obama care. when you have democrats running away from the president's signature legislation, when you have democrats running away from the president when he goes to their districts, bill clinton used to raise money but democrats today are running away from obama. >> i want to play more of what they're depressed. they are $20 million behind the republican party. the governors are $20 million behind the governor republican association. it's just not a good midterm party. he is doing what i think he has to do,
doesn't understand the difference. i go, get him on the phone right now. i walked head into lindsey graham and knocked them over practically. i felt i was not doing the balance well. for any mother, trying to balance the family and work, you never do it perfectly. anyone who says they do is lying. >> interviews on tuesday night starting at 8:00 eastern on c-span. next, a hearing examining the financial status of the federal highway trust fund which pays for a number of the nation's transportation infrastructure projects. the fund is currently projected to run out of money by august of this year. the witnesses including u.s. chamber of commerce president tom donohue and afl-cio resident richard trumka who testified about possible ways to address the issue. this is before the environment and public works committee. >> we are focusing on maintaining funding for transportation and averting a major crisis later this year. we will hear from our witnesses who are national leaders representing businesses, states, and workers who build, maintain, and utilize our transportation system. i am s
walked into lindsey graham and knocked him over practically. i thought, i am not doing this balance very well. for any mother, it doesn't matter if you're a senator or a nurse. trying to balance the family and the work, you never do it perfectly. anyone that says they do is wrong. >> american profile interviews with senators bob corker and amy klobuchar tuesday night starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, c-span radio and >> next, colonel scott brown discusses how his team would respond to crisis situations in the middle east and north africa. he is the commander of a force of approximately 500 marines and sailors trained to support u.s. and allied interests in the united states africa command area. from the atlantic council, this is just over an hour. >> good afternoon, welcome to the atlantic council. i am the, none of the marine corps's fellow here at the council. today we have the pleasure of ,osting colonel scott benedict the most recent commander of the special purpose marine air ground task force crisis response. grundenrator is stephen who lent his considerable secr
said, get him on the phone. i walked head into lindsey graham and said i am not doing this balance very well. i don't think it matters if you are a senator or a nurse, trying to balance the family, you never do it perfectly. withofile interviews senator corker and amy klob uchar. next, discussion on class-action lawsuits and why some members argue that they benefit nobody but attorneys. >> our topic tonight is class action abuse. before introducing my colleague, i want to frame this discussion for us a little bit. when we talk about class-action lawsuits, what we are really talking about are aggregated lawsuits where you take a bunch ,f claims, usually small claims but numerous claims that are similar in character and you put them together into a single lawsuit. this has existed for some time. it is deemed a matter of judicial efficiency. a bunch ofer to try similar cases and won large piece of litigation than to try a bunch of different, individual, separate cases. modernesis of the class-action bar came about in the mid-1960's. there was a revision of the federal rules of civil proced
with senators lindsey graham, john mccain and kelly ayote, mr. morell blamed the fbi for the revisions. and in may of 2013, when the house nominated john brennan to take over the cia role, that morell had left, republicans pressed the obama administration for emails related to the preparation of the talking points in exchange for a smooth confirmation of john brennan. but some of the emails delivered placed mr. morell right at the center of the controversy. morell's career path after he3 resigned from the cia suggests an even close and personal political alignment with the administration. morell is now a member of the consulting firm, beacon global strategies. this is a group founded by leon panetta's former chief of staff and phillip raines, a man who is described as hillary clinton's, quote, most visible spokesman and guardian much her public persona. when asked for comment on these allegations, mr. morell referred fox news to the cia public affairs office. well, the public is still looking for answers as well, a new fox poll shows 66% want congress to continue the investigation of t
. and later that same monthn a closed-door meeting with senators lindsey graham, john mccain and kelly ayote, mr. morell blamed the fbi for the revisions. and in may of 2013, when the house nominated john brennan to ta over the cia role, that morell had left, republicans pressed the obama administration for emails related to the preparation of the talking points in exchange for a smooth nfirmation of john brennan. but some of the emails delivered placed mr. morell right at the center of the controversy. morell's career path after he3 resigned from the cia suggests an even close and personal political alignment with the administration. morell is now a member of the consulting firm, bean global strategies. this is a group founded by leon panetta's former chief of staff and phillip raines, a man who is described as hillary clinton's, quote, most visible spokesman and guardian much her public persona. when asked for comment on these allegations, mr. morell referred fox news to the cia public affairs office. ll, the plic is still looking for answers as well, a new fox poll sho 66% want congress t
calls for. and what republican senator lindsey graham called the defense cuts dead on arrival, the senate majority leader deferred judgment. >> i'm running the senate and he'll make his decision in conjunction with the president. >> when military assembly lines slow down and bases potentially close, the cuts may find some bipartisan opposition. >> thank you. >>> the house has just passed a couple bills about the irs. one would limit the time an audit can last to one year. it would also require the agency to tell you if it is sharing your tax information with another government office. the other bill would prevent irs workers from asking you about your religious or political beliefs. >>> doctors in california are trying to figure out what is causing young children to become partially paralyzed. there have been about 25 cases in the past couple years. children ages 2 to 16 suffer flu-like symptoms, then weakness, followed by paralysis of limbs. >> she was healthy to that point, and we thought it was asthma, and we went home from the hospital. that was trying in itself. the next
are not to be trusted. he is talking about mcconnell. >> mccain, lindsey graham. the guys they are supporting, chris mcdaniel, a guy who went to a neoconfederate group's meeting. and wolf in kansas. he is second cousin of obama but compares obama to hitler and posts x rays of dead people to the internet and makes jokes about it. and matt beven running against mcconnell who says he was against the bailout who was in favor of the bailout. it is not principle conservatives. it is a civil war within the republican party. >> i did this the other night because this guy wolf, these guys are crazy people. they are saying stuff you would never nominate them if you had an election. this group like this madison project, they find these people and say anybody crazy enough to run against incumbent republican senator is our guy. >> and then they lose in that battle or come to washington and get consumed by the process and become establishment politicians. ted cruz is determined not to do that. >> how do you know he is a fraud? i have heard that story around town. >> i saw him in austin when he was working in the lat
. in response, senator lindsey graham who said morrell misled him and at least two other senators is calling on the sdagz to release more documents beyond the 100 pages of e-mails made public in may. quote, i believe we need to declassify his previous testimony and release all communications, written, recorded, audio, and video, involving mr. morrell's discussions. it's likely he will be recalled to testify, and the house committee is also considering whether his boss, david petraeus, will also be recalled. the general has yet to respond to fox's request for comment. >>> up next, top democrats aren't buying all the obamacare horror stories you have heard. jim ingle with that. plus, a timeline on the irs targeting conservatives scandal. stay tuned. for over a decade millions have raised their hand for the proven relief of the purple pill. and that relief could be in your hand. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease. find out how you can save at there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdomi
lindsey graham had to say about all of this. >> how could our president be telling the american people weeks after about a protest that never existed? either he's the most detached president in the entire world, not curious at all about what actually happened or this is part of an overall effort by the white house to mislead the american people seven weeks before an election. >> and now there's new information from catherine herridge tonight about the role of mike morrell, the cia's former deputy director and then acting director and how he may have entered into the talking points. let's bring in george will, kierstyn powers, and charles krauthammer. george? >> well, the president who talks incessantly, talks increasingly in a kind of retore kk cotton candy, as when he said to bill o'reilly, if you look at the video of the attack on the compound, you will see that it was not a systematic, well-organized process. well, if you look at any war, any episode, it doesn't look systematic and well organized, it looks like war and chaos. as we have seen, we had a memo sent to all of us by james
cain and lindsey graham. what are they saying? >> basically, wolf, this is about a conversation that secretary kerry had over the weekend at the munich security conference with about 15 congressmen. some of those congressmen, senator mccain and others talked to these journalists and said in the meeting that secretary kerry said the policy was failing. that the u.s. administration needed to do more. the state department came out strong and said listen, he didn't say that. obviously secretary kerry was talking about concern for the situation on the ground in syria, the growing humanitarian situation, growth of extremists on the ground. but he didn't explicitly call for a change in policy. dana bash actually spoke to one of the senators in the room with secretary kerry and said well, it is true that the secretary did not call explicitly for a change in policy. he did say that he was concerned about the situation. he said more needed to be done to help the opposition, that they needed to work more closely with the russians. the russians aren't exactly being helpful. and that they could do more. an
quickly called them job cuts. republican senator lindsey graham joined in, too, on this, tweeting a similar headline, but the white house is cautioning those departures are more the result of worker flexibility to make that choice to leave their jobs and still have health insurance. suzy, with all that out there, who's got it right? >> so, to say that the takeaway from the cbo report is that obamacare is killing 2 million jobs, it's handing out 2 million pink slips, as senate republicans put out in a release is entirely inaccurate. these are not jobs that are being destroyed or dismantled, people being fired because of obamacare. also it is not the case that 2 million people are leaving the workforce, that they are just giving up, stopping work because they are just going to get free government health care, all this sort of free stuff from taxpayers. what's happening is that people are both reducing the number of hours that they are going to work, so they are going to go from full time to part-time workers and there are going to be some people who are going to leave the labor forc
of republicans including mitch mcconnell are facing tea party opposition, if mitch mcconnell wins, if lindsey graham wins, if the others get through safely on those primaries through tea party opposition, i could see the senate maybe more slightly willing to do something. i think what's happening is the republicans are now saying to themselves let's forget the substance of immigration right now. we'll be in a stronger position to deal with it in 2015 because we might win the senate back, and why should we get in the way of our attacks on the president over obamacare and the pace of recovery. let's not complexify our message right now because later we'll be in a stronger position and then able to do something. and that's a hard argument for people like john boehner to counter. he deserves some credit for having those principles that sort of included a path to citizenship. that was a radical move by him. and now he's kind of throwing up his hands. but i have a sneaking suspicion that it's still theoretically possible they would try something after these primaries this summer. >> marimaria, from
that senator lindsey graham did ask general ham what had happened and general ham at one point said? we have thatten othe record though. ham had said. ham didn't go it the president. he went to panetta, his boss. why haven't you gotten panetta in? >> believe me, bill, i wish we had had a host of people in a lot sooner. >> no, no. he is the key. he is the one. put him under oath. he is not in government anymore. can you pull him in. >> i vote for that absolutely. >> well, get it done. >> i glad you asked president directly. >> this is the story. this is it. panetta is it. and nobody has asked him under oath if he told his boss, the president, the commander and chief, that it was a terror attack. if panetta says that, all hell breaks loose. and you guys haven't done it. so, it's a cheap shot obama to complain about him when you guys haven't brought in the guy that the story wide open. and i tried to get it from president obama but he wouldn't answer it. so now i'm asking you, congressman, to get your butt in gear and get your committee to get panetta in there. is that unreasonable? >> no, it's
like june mccain and lindsey graham who were were willinging to hold hands with the white house and try to garner that support, the country is weary but i think anyone that has looked at the white house that presidents are always. >> first of all, i think they would argue that they made more progress on chemical weapons than they would have had they gone in to intervene. >> we'll never know. >> the question isn't walking and chewing gum at the same time. the question is, what is a policy that that will work here. that is a complicated issue. >> but you were saying that people wanted to focus on the economy. people expect him to focus on the economy. >> i'm saying it's a matter of public -- it's a matter of how he spends his time in public in front of the camera, people are interested in him focusing on the economy. i have no doubt he's spending a lot of time on issue of syria. i don't think it's front of mind for the american people. >> the thing with all these foreign policy issues as we all know, they can quickly become front of mind. one of the big concerns you're hearing from both t
of her quick wit. at the hearing on her confirmation, senator lindsey graham asked whether she thought miranda warnings should be given to terrorists. the infamous christmas day underwear bomber, for example. the senator asked her, where were you on christmas day? it would be inappropriate to address an open question that might one day come before the board. the senator persisted. i just asked where you were on christmas. elena's response, senator, like all jews, i was probably in a chinese restaurant. [laughter] [applause] with enormous pleasure, i invite you to join me in welcoming justice elena kagan to the podium. [applause] >> thank you, thank you. sit down. justice ginsburg deserves a standing o, i have not been anything yet. thank you, justice ginsburg for that wonderful introduction. i think christmas day story is going to follow me every place i go. there is nothing i will never write for the u.s. supreme court that is going to be so much quoted as that line. i'm still going to try. thank you so much to the new york state bar association for having me. it is an honor to be her
, led by john mccain and lindsey graham, just caved into obama on the issue about appointments on the nlrb. it's unbelievable, this paying off of your connies -- constituencies. >> remember when the president said this? >> shovel-ready was not as shovel ready as we expected. >> even the president joked that the stimulus didn't go as planned, but five years after signing that near live $800 billion bill, the obama administration is trying to put a positive spin on things, to ed henry at the white house with the latest positive spin. ed? go for it. >> what the house is saying today is, look, unemployment has come down. there's been economic growth for many months now since the stimulus was enacted into law. they believe those are signs of hope in the economy and that the president stopped the nation from falling into an economic depression, something worse than the recession that we actually faced. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell clear today in charging that the president fell well short of that promise, you'll remember, when the signed the stimulus into law that 3.5 mil
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